Friday, August 28th, 2015

Muscle & Fitness: Names arachidonic acid one of the 10 BEST NEW ADVANCES!

The editors at Muscle & Fitness magazine rank arachidonic acid one of the Top 10 Best New Advances in Bodybuilding! Read it on Muscle & Fitness    Read More →

University of Tampa Clinical Study Results: MORE MUSCLE, STRENGTH & POWER

A study conducted at the University of Tampa has clinically proven X-FACTOR™ (the ORIGINAL arachidonic acid product) to significantly increase lean body mass, muscle thickness, strength, and anaerobic power in experienced resistance trained men. The results from this ground-breaking study were released at the National Strength & Conditioning Association Conference (NSCA) in July 2014.    Read More →

Supply Side West: Lecture on Arachidonic Acid

Supply Side West, Sports Nutrition Workshop ARACHIDONIC ACID: OMEGA-6 FOR SPORT October 10, 2014 (10:05-10:30am) Looking for an ingredient that supports muscle growth from a completely new angle? Then you are not going to want to miss the lecture the inventor William Llewellyn will be giving on Friday, Oct. 10 at Supply Side West, “Arachidonic Acid: Omega-6 For Sport.” Emerging evidence... [Read more]

Baylor Study Results: Arachidonic Acid and Performance

The Exercise & Sports Nutrition Laboratory at Baylor University conducted the first placebo-controlled study on the use of Arasyn™ arachidonic acid to improve athletic performance. This was a preliminary investigation, with only 50 days of supplementation and a small number of participants. In spite of these limitations, the study concluded with the Arasyn taking subjects outperforming those... [Read more]